All (in)Hail Her Highness…MC FLOW!

As featured in High Times, Huffington PostMerry Jane, CelebStoner, Bustle, Mashable, and more, MC Flow is lighting up the internet with her cannabis-infused raps and laidback SoCal vibe.

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Let them eat       weed!"


   -- Her Highness 

Flow’s debut album, Incredible, was awarded “Best Hip-Hop Album” at the 2008 San Diego Music Awards (SDMAs). In 2009, her single “Created Equal,” a heartfelt response to the passage of Proposition 8 in California, was nominated for “Song of the Year” at the SDMAs. The video for “Created Equal” elicited a global response  and made its film-festival debut at Frameline33, the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.

In 2012, Flow collaborated with Grammy Award –winning artist, Jason Mraz, on the song “Sugar,” which became the soundtrack to The Real Bears, an animated PSA from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) on the dangers of soda overconsumption.

But in 2015, it was a different kind of consumption that really blasted MC Flow into the spotlight! The video for her holiday hit, “Pot in the Latkes,” a humorous take on eating weed-infused potato pancakes at a Hanukkah party, went viral on YouTube.  Not only did Elite Daily call it “the funniest thing ever,” but the success of the video changed things in Flow’s personal life as well.

“Suddenly, everyone started talking to me about cannabis,” she explains. “Other parents, my neighbors, my own parents! People started asking me about CBD or telling me that someone they knew was using it, and it became clear to me that a shift was taking place.”

That shift, along with the legalization of recreational cannabis in California, inspired Flow to release her latest project, a 5-song EP titled Her Highness. Part love letter to the plant, part political manifesto, Her Highness explores a unique moment in history the way only Flow can – through rapid-fire rhymes, feminist sensibility, and her trademark sense of humor.  In the video for “Welcome to the Dispensary,” the first single off Her Highness, Flow dances her way through Urbn Leaf, San Diego’s premiere cannabis boutique. “You might walk in but you’re gonna’ fly out!” she raps as she explores jars of flower and gets literally lifted into the air by fellow customers.

“This is a very exciting time in California. Cannabis is going mainstream,” says Flow. “We are building a new industry, and you know who’s doing it? Women are leading the way. People of color, who have been victims of the ‘War on Drugs,’ are speaking out and starting businesses. Professional athletes are touting the benefits of CBD. The people have spoken and they want less pills and more plants. And I’m here to say, “Welcome friends, to the dispensary! We’ve been waiting for you!”